Hey there, greetings from Here! This project is all about creating posters and showcasing them in a gallery. Through this initiative, anyone can design a poster by entering a city and interacting with artwork generated based on real-time weather data. Each created poster becomes part of a global collection of people sharing greetings from different parts of the world.

When you first visit the website, you'll encounter a fun 3-D input bar prompting you to type in a city. After entering a city and generating the poster, you'll notice that similar 3-D bars play a significant role in the design. The depth of these bars adds an element of excitement to the creative process. The posters feature a stylized map of the chosen location on some sides, while others are adorned with animated text. The direction of the bars is linked to wind speed, but users can tweak their size and position as they like.

We opted for a German font called Bandeins Strange for the typography due to its unique and abstract characteristics in certain letter designs. This choice enhances the visual appeal, especially when animated text effects are applied.

The color scheme revolves around simplicity, using black to represent nighttime and white for daytime. The vibrant colors draw inspiration from the dynamic posters and street art seen in Berlin. Colors on the posters are influenced by temperature, while the level of blur is tied to cloud cover. Users have the freedom to adjust color size and placement, allowing them to personalize their posters while maintaining a cohesive look when displayed together.

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